[aprssig] send APRS message from IRLP Node

Len Revelle n9ij at comcast.net
Sun Feb 22 08:55:06 CST 2009

FWIW, eQSO also has texting capability similar to Echolink. There is  
also a version of eQSO, popular out side the states, for the European  
PRM radio system (similar to GMRS) as well.

Len Revelle N9IJ
n9ij at comcast.net

On Feb 22, 2009, at 8:26 AM, Bob Bruninga wrote:

>> Rather than a canned message to a specific
>> callsign like in my script, a more versatile
>> one could send a message addressed to any
>> callsign-ssid based on DTMF entry.
> Great work Keith.  Now this is getting interesting!  Remember, all  
> we need to get from the user is a callsign, and then we have very  
> valuable information that can be made into an APRS packet into to  
> the global APRS system:
> 1) A callsign, date and time
> 2) his location (near that node)
> 3) His voice frequency for return call
> 4) His IRLP node number for return call
> 5) His symbol (A DTMF user on IRLP)
> To the APRS system, he looks like any other APRS station and his  
> location is shown in a list adjacent to the IRLP node on the map.
> To do this, all your script needs to decode is from 6 to 10 DTMF  
> digits that represent the user's call.  He keys that ONCE into his  
> DTMF memory so he can send it with one key press.  You can tell us  
> what kind of prefix character would work best so that it does not  
> mess up any existing IRLP DTMF codes.
> THe callsign coding could use the same method in those 300,000  
> existing (1990's) DTMF Paging radios which send it already when you  
> press the PTT!  FOr everyone else, of course, they will have to  
> press their DTMF memory button once to ID into the system.
> Bob, WB4APR
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