[aprssig] Least expensive digi?

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Feb 25 14:47:29 CST 2009

My Tracker2 is the cheapest I know of, at $95.


It has WIDEn-N with optional preemption and configurable dupe checking. 
  Remote control is by APRS message (works through IGates), with access 
list and secure one-time password system.

I just started a Wiki this week for support information, and it's 
already got some articles on stuff like the authentication scheme and 
scripting system that haven't made it into the regular manual yet.


Or if by stand alone you mean that also has a transceiver, there's my 
new T2-301 for $229 that's in beta testing:


I threw a cheap 5-watt Harbor Freight solar panel up on the roof and 
hooked it up to an 8 AH SLA battery from the alarm shop next door and 
it's been running a T2-301 for a week or so now, holding out remarkably 
well despite the bad weather and undersized power system.  I'd need a 
little more juice than that for a busy digipeater, though!


Christopher K. Greenhalgh wrote:
> What is the least expensive controlling solution, for a stand alone, remote
> digipeater?
> Must support WIDEN-n countdown and dupe checking.
> Thanks!
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