[aprssig] which digi (was: SheevaPlug plug computers for igates?)

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Thu Feb 26 14:16:29 CST 2009

Scott Miller skrev:

> The T2 can be *patched* over the air at least.  It's just lacking memory 
> to keep a whole new firmware image during reception.  The ADS-SR1 
> simplex repeater can do that, though.

Thats a nice function :o)

> Is there any released information on the protocol used by the XDigi for 
> on-air updates?  I was working on a protocol to do that that'd be 
> suitable for updating satellites a piece at a time as bandwidth and 
> line-of-sight are available.  That's going to require some management 
> software on the sending side, and it'd be nice to standardize that if 
> we're going to start doing firmware updates via APRS.
> Scott
> N1VG

You use the same configuration as you would via a terminalprogram.

If the digipeater callsign are LD5BE you can connect to this changing 

Send a "empty" packet and the TNC responds with a string.
Put this string into a calculator and send the result back.
If password is ok then you can change everything but the callsign.

If i want to check the UITrace i just send "T?"
To change the parameter "T WIDE"

So it's a different approach than the T2 regarding the change of 
parameters via RF.

Upgrading firmware over the air sounds spooky ;o) is there a fallback if 
  it fails?

Kai Gunter

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