[aprssig] which digi

kai.brandt at hjemme.no kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Fri Feb 27 00:55:18 CST 2009

>> Yes you store a password in the TNC the first time. Based on this you 
>> get a string and you have to calculate this. Not a very advanced method 
>> but it's probably enough security. It's a java applet.

>This is X-Digi, and not uSmartDigi, right?  Why can't I find it on the 
>website or in the manual?

Yes the X-Digi. 
uSmartDigi i have not tested since an early version as my latest flashing stoped working. 


Version 2.0D are the one you want to check.
XDigi2.zip inside thers an javaaplet and a short documentation.

Kai Gunter

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