[aprssig] APRS HT's without GPS

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Feb 28 09:36:16 CST 2009

I just posted this on the VX8R list and thought it might be of general info value too.

> I am still amazed as to what [the] radio 
> does without using GPS. 

Yes!  The MAIN advantages of APRS in any radio are:
1) Seeing everything around you
2) Seeing their direction and distance 
3) Seeing what freq they are currently using
4) Sending and receiving messages and email

You do no need GPS for any of these functions, but for the radio to properly compute distance and direction, it needs to know where it is.  So all you need to do to make this work is to enter a few significant manual positions in your area:
1) home
2) office
3) major hobby location
4) City center?
5) Repeater location?

Then at any time, anywhere, you can select one of these positions and the radio will then display the distance and direction of all stations on the air relative to those positions.  You may not actually BE at one of those locations, but still the RADIO will calculate from those positions and report direction and bearing from that location.

Anyone that can viualize in their mind relative positions can very quickly get a very good mind's eye of where things are.. and all without the fuss and bother of a GPS.

KIS!  Good luck!

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