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[aprssig] Garmin and APRS

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Sat Feb 28 05:52:46 UTC 2009

Thanks.  Yes, this is the same issue.

And if everyone can pass the word on to other mailing lists or groups 
they're part of, I'd appreciate it.  I've had a lot of people offer to 
contact Garmin, but until now I've discouraged it because I thought it'd 
be better to try going through channels.  At this point, though, I think 
we just have to make them see that there are a lot of us and that it's 
worth doing.

I've offered to fly out to Kansas to present my arguments in person if 
it'd help.  And I'll still do that, if anyone there will listen to me.


Michael Carey wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> I will be sending an email to Garmin about this subject.
> I've noticed that my HamHud  waypoint generation function leaves 
> multiple duplicates on my Gamin GPSMAP60CS with strange letter and 
> numbers appended to the end of the name each time.
> I am presuming that this is the same issue you have with Gamin units 
> other than the nuvi 350.
> Michael.

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