[aprssig] Replacement binaries for UIDIGI ? (stand-alone digi software)

Matti Aarnio oh2mqk at sral.fi
Sat Feb 28 11:07:32 CST 2009

Hams are very willing to recycle obsolete hardware, thus are developed
things like UIDIGI, which ceased to be developed several years ago.

Nevertheless, I would very much like to deliver firmwares to users of
TNC2 clones that would do following:

  - Optimized for APRS use
  - Copy all received frames to host serial port in KISS format
    ( = monitor received frames in KISS format )
  - Handle duplicate detection and non-repeat
  - Convert classical forms of paths to n-N paradigm form.
  - Do TRACE labeling on all transmitted frames
  - Limit message propagation to 3 hops
  - Enforce the limit by checking that the packet path does _not_
    have excessive hop-count _request_.  If it does, drop it.

Some incurable people near here are spamming the networks with
paths, which is really stupid thing.

I am definitely not familiar with Z80 assembly to create such from scratch,
but perhaps somebody could point to existing sources usable as base ?
I can probably do the modifications, or get somebody to do it.

It does look like everybody is keeping their TNC2 softwares as secret, and
distributing only binaries.   Understandable when it was current stuff,
but why still ?

73 de Matti, OH2MQK

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