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[aprssig] CQSRVR and Net Nites?

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jan 2 00:50:00 UTC 2009

I wonder if we should have a NET nite for APRS to encouage actual APRS humans to communicate!

For the last year or more, we have global message capability via the CQSRVR thanks to AE5PL.  This means anyone can CQ everyone else on the planet for a live QSO.

Since ham clubs and demo's can be any nite of the week, we could just say at 8 PM anyday, anyone anywhere can contact anyone else by simply sending CQ to CQSRVR, using ANY APRS message device.  This would improve propbabilities of finding contacts.

Actually, you can use the CQSRVR anytime of anyday 24/7/365, but by haivng an 8PM net time, would not only assure plenty of humans in your time zone to make a contact, but since the world is round, and there are 24 time zones, then this would also guarnatee someone somewhere would be able to find a contact at any time during the 24 hours.  (well, actually, there are some pretty dead time zones for APRS, but that is another matter).

Anyway, when ever I am sitting in the shack and actually have some playtime, I send a CQSRVR CQ to try to find others.  CQSRVR was designed for global CQ's for things like CQFD, CQ JOTA, CQ IOTA, CQ SCOUTS, and so forth, but there is no reason it cannot be used as a general CQ as well.  Here's how.

Send APRS message to "CQSRVR"
First 3 words are CQ CQ CQ ...
Followed by free text.  For example:

CQ CQ CQ from Maryland!

Read all about it: www.aprs.org/cqsrvr.html

Actually, you can do this anytime.  But unless you send out your CQ, you will not see any incoming CQ's, so it is just like any BAND on ham radio, you have to TUNE IN, to hear other CQ's.  In this case, sending the CQ message to CQSRVR is the equivalent of the "tune-in" process.  And will let you receive any other CQ's from anyone for some time period.  I think it might be 12 hours?

See ya on the air!

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