[aprssig] APRS legality

Chuck Gooden Chuck.Gooden at comcast.net
Tue Jan 27 17:48:54 CST 2009

The real question here is why would someone want to do this and who 
would compensate them for doing so.  Even if you consider CW in the 
early days of radio.

J.C. Wren wrote:
> You're speaking of Part 97.113(d)
> "(d) The control operator of a club station may accept compensation 
> for the periods of time when the station is transmitting telegraphy 
> practice or information bulletins, provided that the station transmits 
> such telegraphy practice and bulletins for at least 40 hours per week; 
> schedules operations on at least six amateur service MF and HF bands 
> using reasonable measures to maximize coverage; where the schedule of 
> normal operating times and frequencies is published at least 30 days 
> in advance of the actual transmissions; and where the control operator 
> does not accept any direct or indirect compensation for any other 
> service as a control operator. "
> Y

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