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[aprssig] AT Golden Packet - Maine and other distant states

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jul 1 13:53:30 UTC 2009

Anyone with a D700 visiting Maine on July 26th?

We still do not have a team formed for Mount Katahdin in Maine,
the final site in the 2000 mile Golden APRS packet attempt on 26
July.  www.aprs.org/hamtrails/katahdin.html

I think all the other sites are covered...

But there are plenty of more opportunities for spider links
(branches) off to other areas with mountains (100 mile links
preferred)through WPA, Ohio, New York, WV, KY, Tennessee, Ala
and Georgia. These spider links operate under strict rules as
shown on this web page:

1) They operate cross channel so that they can only listen on
the event channel, but can digipeat onward towards other
directions without causing any QRM to the Appalachian chain.

2) They can be brought on channel -after- the main chain
succeeds with the golden packets.

3) Participants at those sites can still participate in voice
comms on the AT Trail Echolink reflector and 2-way APRS comms
with all teams on 144.39


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