[aprssig] regional APRS coordinators?

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I don't know my Nevada geography, but have generated maps of the APRS 
infrastructure and mobile coverage over the past week for the general 
coordinates of the state of Nevada.  If you can figure out where Black 
Rock is, you should get a good idea of the existing infrastructure 
(digi/igate) and mobile coverage in the area and if the new digi will 
actually serve any purpose.

There is a place named Black Rock, but there is no one there.
There is a digi near at Warms springs summit . It is named Area 51. (has  nothing to do with Area 51)
What is needed is to know why and where they want to put a Digi.
It appears if they knew much about APRS they would have got it figured out by  now.
The more used area is called Black Rock Desert, near Gerlach, NV.
During Burning Man there are repeaters set up that are not needed, simplex works well.
Once you get to Burning Man no one plays radio anyway. Very little activity.
It had APRS Coverage last time I was there

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