[aprssig] regional APRS coordinators?

Gaffit gaffit at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 7 13:09:17 CDT 2009

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From: "Scott Miller" 

> I was out there over the weekend and the Gerlach digi is seriously 
> dysfunctional.  Had a straight shot over the playa and couldn't get 
> anything.  There was also something jamming 144.39, putting out very 
> very long packet bursts.

Wish I would have known you were out there. I would have
enjoyed meeting you for an eyeball Q...I was out there also
with the kids/quads/dogs/guns and had an awesome weekend.
The fireworks shows were better than what I've seen most 
cities put on!   

Spent a little time on the IRLP link they have out there and gota say
they have that dialed in and working fine.  Didn't take along any
APRS stuff this trip as I hadn't realized they were also playing
with that too.  Did catch quite a bit of traffic on the node that
sounded like they were trying to get the aprs working correctly,
so maybe they might have got it dialed in?  

I've been in and out of that area for the last decade and gota say 
that this trip I saw/spoke with more hams than I can ever recall
of hearing out there in that desolated area.  There used to be
a box up on Fox mtn at an elev of around 8k that had awesome
coverage of the Playa area as well as the Smoke Creek desert 
area as well as a 6 mtr link on it.  I don't think it's on/working

I work for the UP railroad and run up and down that line often.
Outside of Burning Man, there never was much activity out there
as far as hams were concerned.  Good to see at least something
happening out there! 

If you drove around the Playa,  I was at the camp that had the
Buddipole set up.

73,   Todd KH2TJ/6

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