[aprssig] West Virginia Digipeater Coverage (US-19 and Interstate 79)

Josh Smith juicewvu at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 09:59:52 CDT 2009

Over the weekend I was traveling north from Beckley, WV to Morgantown,
WV on US route 19 and interstate 79 and was fairly amazed to find that
there was little to no digipeater coverage of the area (grant it i was
using my th-d7a(g) and 5 watts of TX power) but at least for people in
the state this is a fairly highly utilized route.  Can someone confirm
the poor coverage of these highways?  I'm curious if the coverage is
that bad or if it was just a product of my low transmit power.

Josh Smith
email/jabber:  juicewvu at gmail.com
phone:  304.237.9369(c)

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