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[aprssig] New Hams... for APRS?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jul 13 13:17:29 UTC 2009

Ham Radio Recruitment:

Got two new guys licensed as hams (and into APRS) this weekend.

They came from the local chapter of the Electric Vehicle
Association.  These guys look like hams, have monthly meetings
and lots of actvities, and their meetings are indistinguishible
from hams, except that they don't have HT's in their pockets and
they talk about solar, and wind power, alternative energy, and
electric vehicles of all kinds from scooters, to bikes and cars.

And they are "hams" who will talk at length to strangers about
anything...  We should reach out to these guys.  Ham Radio
"group" communications (and APRS) has lots to offer them, and
they have lots to contribute to our emergency response and field
operations too.

Here is where you can find a chapter in your area.


So a month ago, I gave an APRS presentation (after their
meeting) and got lots of interest.   It had to be "after" since
their meetings are jam packed with presentations, materials, and
show-n-tell, not the least of which is wandering around the
parking lot looking at all the contraptions these guys bring to

One of these guys leaves tomorrow for a cross country trip
driving his Solar Prius as a support vehicle for a $100,000
TESLA electric car going coast-to-coast.  You can track him
under the object name PHEV3A.  Currently, my tracker is on his
vehicle, but he will switch to his call when it comes in next
week.  The other is building a 3 wheel electric (enclosed)
motorcycle kinda thingy called a BUG-E which will haul a solar
trailer and try to also make a cross country trip soon.

Ham radio and APRS is an ideal way for them to communicate...

So REACH OUT.  GO visit your local EVA meeting and recruit for
Ham Radio!

Bob, Wb4APR

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