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Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Wed Jul 15 19:08:45 CDT 2009

Paul Fenrich wrote:
> I am new to the APRS world.  I have carried a tracker twice and I am 
> building one now (nearly complete).  I have used them mainly for 
> special events where radio amateur communications were requested.  
> Bicycle rides and foot races.  This year I was the "turtle" in the 
> MS150 ride from Houston to Austin.  I thought how cool it would be to 
> have a couple of special icons to represent the hare and the turtle.  
> Two important points of an event.  I looked through the Library of 
> icons and don't see one.  I did notice there were several spaces 
> reserved for "future use".  Is it possible to add them and how can it 
> be done?
> Thanks,

Many APRS newcomers don't realize that you don't actually transmit 
little pictures or bitmaps over the air.  You only send a two-character 
alpha-numeric control code over the air,  that causes existing images 
stored in the program at the other end to be selected and displayed.  

Details on the APRS symbol set and how they are encoded are here:


Most APRS software can't be readily updated with new symbols.   The only 
ones that can be easily updated are UIview, APRSplus (which is now 
essentially an orphan due to a dependency on an obsolete version of 
Street Atlas) and and the Linux-based Xastir.   Not to mention the 
symbol sets at findu, APRSfi, OpenAPRS and other web sites -- and the 
symbol sets embedded in the firmware of Kenwood radios, mapping GPSs and 
other hardware devices.

Until you get EVERYONE to update their software (and with some programs 
this is impossible), you can't be confident what the other person will 
see (or if they will even see anything at all)  -- if you use introduce 
and use new symbols.  

Bottom line -- It's nearly hopeless.



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