[aprssig] Sierra wireless 881 pc card gps

Dave Baxter dave at uk-ar.co.uk
Thu Jul 16 07:22:17 CDT 2009

Are you using Windows XP?

If so, get into the device manager, select serial/parallel ports, find
COM23, right click and hit Properties.

In there, you may be able to reassign it's serial port, to something the
program will accept.  It's a common problem/fix with USB<>serial
adapters, among other things...


Dave G0WBX.

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> From: Floyd Rodgers [mailto:kc5qbc at swbell.net] 
> Sent: 16 July 2009 05:11
> To: aprssig at tapr.org
> Subject: [aprssig] Sierra wireless 881 pc card gps
> A few days ago I asked if this card worked with APRS. It does 
> have a gps inside and I can see the nema data on com23. I 
> have yet to figure out how to get aprs to look at the com 
> port. When I tell it 23 at 4800b, the the program dies.
> Any ideas?
> $GPGSV,3,1,09,02,71,264,21,04,62,030,31,09,26,248,16,10,16,180,13*7D
> $GPGSV,3,2,09,12,37,315,16,17,28,077,22,27,23,236,,28,08,140,*7E
> $GPGSV,3,3,09,30,07,317,18*48
> $GPGGA,040246.0,3236.485961,N,09646.258066,W,1,05,3.6,146.0,M,,,,*1B
> $GPRMC,040246.0,A,3236.485961,N,09646.258066,W,,,160709,,,A*70
> $GPGSA,A,3,02,04,12,17,,,,,,,,,,5.1,3.6,3.6*19
> $GPVTG,,T,,M,0.0,N,0.0,K*4E

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