[aprssig] A Plea !!!!!!!!!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jul 16 11:37:09 CDT 2009


> Can we send you additions/examples for the TNC specific

Yes, please do!
Thanks.  Il l post them.
Bob, WB4aPR
> Here in Central Illinois the three most popular TNCs are the
> TinyTracker 4, Coastal Chipworks TNC-X, and the Kantronics
KPC-3 Plus.
> While given a choice I imagine most would like to have KPC-3
> TNCs, the vast majority here have one of the other two since
the kits
> are in the sub $100 price range.
> I have one KPC-3 Plus used at a conventional packet radio
> My others as well as most of those in the local club are TT4s
> TNC-Xs.
> Tim, N9PUZ

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