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[aprssig] A Plea !!!!!!!!!

Tim N9PUZ tim.n9puz at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 13:15:11 UTC 2009

Since we're talking about this I have a question/suggestion.

I've used APRS for a couple of years as primarily an "appliance 
operator". We gear up for a public service event, etc. and I know to 
plug in a certain set of parameters and the messaging and tracking 
works. Until recently I didn't care much about paths, alias', etc. as 
long as the APRS lead for the event gave me what they wanted to see.

I've been researching a new project lately and have a need to 
understand all of these things. It seems that every web site I locate 
wants to give me a history lesson. It would be refreshing if there was 
a site for newcomers that goes right to today's accepted configuration 
with the WideN paradigm, etc. and skipped over all the things we 
shouldn't be doing. The old stuff could just be flagged as obsolete.

As my own information gathering progresses I plan such a set of pages 
if nothing seems to exist by the time I feel comfortable in giving 

Tim, N9PUZ

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>> Subject: [aprssig] A Plea !!!!!!!!!
>> This is directed at ALL those who Maintain / HOST APRS info 
>> on the WWW..
>> The New WIDEN-n paradigm is now an accepted standard so 
>> Please Update those
>> so outdated web sites or remove the old pages
>> there is nothing more confusing to a new APRS operator than
> reading
>> information that is of no use or out dated.
>> If you all took the time to post this info when it was 
>> current one would
>> hope that YOU would  keep it current !!! 
>> 73 Phillip
>> ZL2TZE  
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