[aprssig] Sierra wireless 881 pc card gps

Rich Garcia k4gpsc at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 16:15:12 CDT 2009

WOW the first 23 are all used ? For real ? I know many of mine APPEAR used
over the years from various software and such but actually there are usually
a couple that still can be re-assigned. Does a wireless network card really
take up a com port ? I know bluetooth can depending on it's intended use.

I have not really followed the new PC's and software since Win2000 so don't
know much else, but someone I am sure will be able to help once you let us
know what flavor of APRS software you use.

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Thanks for all the pointers. A little more info:
Sadly running XP. Comm ports up to 23 are all ready mapped to other toys
since this laptop has bluetooth and wireless networking cards.
Does anyone know the range of comm ports APRS will accept?

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