[aprssig] TNCX setups?

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jul 16 23:08:30 CDT 2009

>>> I'd extend the Beacon 3 and Beacon 4 
>>> intervals out even further, and/or
>>> reduce their paths.  No help ...for 
>>> a digi to transmit it's own position 
>>> packet more broadly than across the 
>>> next digi hop in all directions.

I disagree.  The purpose of the whole New-N Paradigm was to eliminate all of the legacy paths, settings and kludges that had grown up over the dozen years and get to a single *consistent* network with only one setting WIDEn-N with N usually 2 or less.

Included in this was proportional pathing for digi's so that mobiles passing thrugh would see them within 10 minutes, but that the further reporting of packets was much less frequent.  The design was a 30 minute beacon via 1 hop, and a 2 hop beacon every hour.  Those 30 and 60 minute beacons that you propose to reduce represents less than 0.001 of network capacity and is worth far more than that.

Further, mucking around with the New-N paradigm recommendd settings undermines exactly its overall goals!  Consistent performance and consistent expecatations.  We don't want to devolve back into the completely indeterminant network we had before, where each sysop set his own custom settings and no one had a clue what to expect from the network!

Please, follow the New-N paradigm recommendatios completely.  ANd they are a lot more than just using WIDE2-2 at the digi.  They also include at the digi:

1) UITRACing of WIDEn-N packets
2) UIFLOODing of regional SSn-N packets
3) Proportiojnal Pathing of the digi's beacon
4) Including then W2,SSn-N in the comment section
5) Includign in the BText the local Frequency Object
6) Changing the Overlay to "S" only after all above


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