[aprssig] Sierra wireless 881 pc card gps

Dave Baxter dave at uk-ar.co.uk
Fri Jul 17 07:30:20 CDT 2009

Yep!  You can effectivley mirror one port to look like another with that
tool (and do many other interesing things!)  Get it from here:-

So, if you can't reasign it with Winderz own tools, you could use
Eterlogic's VSPE tool to make a copy visible that your program can talk


Dave G0WBX.

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> I use the free 'Virtual Serial Port Emulator' from Eterlogic 
> when I'm developing software. It works very well, and allows 
> you to do all sorts of things with COM ports.
> Dave G1TVL
> Rich Garcia wrote:
> > You need a comm manager that will allow a comport to be a 
> virtual com port.
> > May be using the wrong terms but you would tell APRS to use comm 4 
> > let's say if that is open then this program you set up will be told 
> > that com 23 is a virtual port and to "patch" it over to COM 
> 4 as if it were a real port.
> > 
> > I have used these lon in the past and think one is MixW 
> Serial Port Bridge.
> > Also DeLorme had one I believed on their web site so you 
> could set up 
> > their USB GPS units to feed several virtual ports and feed several 
> > programs with the same GPS data.
> > 
> > Rich
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