[aprssig] TNCX setups? (oops)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jul 17 11:32:07 CDT 2009

OOPS!  I was wrong, I appologize to the commenter...

Commenter said:
>>>> I'd extend the Beacon 3 and Beacon 4 
>>>> intervals out even further, and/or
>>>> reduce their paths.  No help ...for 
>>>> a digi to transmit it's own position 
>>>> packet more broadly than across the 
>>>> next digi hop in all directions.

In my response below, I thought he was commenting on the
standard New-N settings. Now I see he was commenting on the
sample TNC-X settings from Norway.  And I agree, those sample
settings were too high for beacon 3 and 4.
So my comments should have applied to the originals, and so I
agree with the above commenter...  Though I have lost the
originals so I cannot applogize by name.  Bob
> I disagree.  The purpose of the whole New-N Paradigm was to 
> eliminate all of the legacy paths, settings and kludges that 
> had grown up over the dozen years and get to a single 
> *consistent* network with only one setting WIDEn-N with N 
> usually 2 or less.
> Included in this was proportional pathing for digi's so that 
> mobiles passing thrugh would see them within 10 minutes, but 
> that the further reporting of packets was much less frequent. 
>  The design was a 30 minute beacon via 1 hop, and a 2 hop 
> beacon every hour.  Those 30 and 60 minute beacons that you 
> propose to reduce represents less than 0.001 of network 
> capacity and is worth far more than that.
> Further, mucking around with the New-N paradigm recommendd 
> settings undermines exactly its overall goals!  Consistent 
> performance and consistent expecatations.  We don't want to 
> devolve back into the completely indeterminant network we had 
> before, where each sysop set his own custom settings and no 
> one had a clue what to expect from the network!
> Please, follow the New-N paradigm recommendatios completely.  
> ANd they are a lot more than just using WIDE2-2 at the digi.  
> They also include at the digi:
> 1) UITRACing of WIDEn-N packets
> 2) UIFLOODing of regional SSn-N packets
> 3) Proportiojnal Pathing of the digi's beacon
> 4) Including then W2,SSn-N in the comment section
> 5) Includign in the BText the local Frequency Object
> 6) Changing the Overlay to "S" only after all above
> Thanks
> Bob, WB4APR
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