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[aprssig] TNCX setups? (proportaional pathing?)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jul 17 17:20:41 UTC 2009

Im confused and need help from the TNC-X'ers...

Does it have only 4 beacons total, and not a separate BT and
four other LOCATION texts?
Now I see that this is mixing the FREQ object and the digi
data...  Also, there appears to be a limit of 255 in the offset
variable rpreventing the full implementation of the proportional
pathing intervals we used on the KPC3.

Beacon 1 inteval (x5s) :00120 Offset :0       (10.min) FREQ
Beacon 2 inteval (x5s) :00360 Offset :240     (30.min) DIGI data
Beacon 3 inteval (x5s) :00720 Offset :120     (60min)  DIGI data
Beacon 4 inteval (x5s) :00720 Offset :255     (60min)  DIGI data

Translating the above to MINUTEs I get
Beacon 1 every 10m                 DIRECT
Beacon 2 every 30m offset by 20m   WIDE1-1
Beacon 3 every 60m offset by 10m   WIDE2-2
Beacon 4 every 60m offset by 21.3m SS3-3

Below is how the New-N paradigm sets proportional pathing in a
KPC-3 so that the info goes out every 10 minutes locally, every
30 minutes out 1 hop and every 60 minutes out 2 hops (While
still only producing 6 packets per hour instead of the 10 noted

Here is the proper proportinoal pathing:
Beacon 1 every 30 offset 0     DIRECT
Beacon 2 every 30 offset 10    DIRECT
Beacon 3 every 60 offset 20    WIDE1-1
Beacon 4 every 60 offset 50    WIDE2-2

This RESULTS in one packet every 10 minutes, but most of those
are direct, and two per hour go via 1 hop to neighboring digis
and ONE per hour goes 2 hops.  It is important to understand how
these are interleaved, and not just brute-forced which produces

But if the 4 beacons have to be shared with the FREQ object,
then we need to rethink this in terms of the limitation of the
21.3 miunte offset limit.

Maybe he got it right?

Once I have corrected these items I'll add these TNC-X settings
to the web page:

Hope that helps.
Bob, Wb4APR

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