[aprssig] Q: NOGATE Method(s) vs. !x!

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jul 19 22:47:13 CDT 2009

>>> Steve Dimse wrote:
>>>> !x! was implemented as a ...way to ...
>>>> opt out of having their positions 
>>>> stored on findU,

> Steve, K9DCI responds:
> I read Steve's post and will not refer 
> to !x! in my Guide, but leave 
> NOGATE/RFONLY.  The !x! appears to be 
> little known and obscure to remember.

My bad.  The topic was thoroughly discussed here on the SIG back in the early 2000's and was added also at the same time as the NOGAE/RFONLY issues.  I jsut checked, however, and it did not get documented on APRS11.  Since at the time, there was only one APRS-IS archiver (FINDU), and steve implemetned it, then it was DONE, and end of story...

But now we have many more APRS-IS systems, so it is an oversite that this fell through the cracks on APRS11 web page.  SInce it was done prior to the 2004 cutoff for APRS11, just not documented, I am going to add it in there so that it does become a permanent part of the spec.

I ask others to honor it.

> It hardly seems good to have except that 
> it is a little easier to turn on and off 
> in the D700 compared to modifying the Path.

It is good to have, and it was part of APRS.  It is our oversight that it was not doucmented.  Please add it to any docs, but with the clear note, that "it may not be implemented in all systems."

As is it is back-fit into all systems, I can add a note to the APRS11 showing the degree of compliance.

Bob, Wb4APR
> This highlights one of the many 
> terminology problems present in APRS 
> literature [if that's what you can call it].

Yes, this is an irreconcilable problem, since Kenwood did some discombobulation and transliterating of terms in their 1998 doc for the D7, and so it is hard to use any of these terms without conflict to one or the other existijng docs.


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