[aprssig] EchoLink-to-APRS to RF node status

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jul 20 15:52:26 CDT 2009

> "Echolink node is supposed to show up on 
> APRS maps with their freq."  WHO is
> supposed to do this?

Anyone that feels as strongly as I do that APRS is supposed to
be a service to the mobile operator and ham radio, and not some
one-way blind vehicle tracking system.  Since 2001 or so, I have
been trying to get Echolink, and IRLP seamless integrated into
APRS so that mobiles can see where they were.

And I even got Echolink to centrally inject an object/status for
each echolink node into the APRS-IS so that local Igates could
then simply list the nodes into their pass-to-rf list and the
project was done.  Problem is simply getting people to do it.

Initially ALL echolink objects were injected, but the next day
we got a cry from the shack-internet junkies who display
EVERYTHING unfiltered on the APRS-IS that it was "cluttering"
their maps.  But I tell you, the echolink objects are not for
those internet junkies, but for the mobile operator who is out
in the field and needs the info.  The couch potato in his shack
has a phone, and the internet.  He doesn't need this
infortmation, so he should not deny it from those that do.

So the EchoLink author added a flag to his EchoLink users that
the node owner had to flip that SEND-TO-APRS flag to get the
object injected, and then the local Igate opwerator had to flag
that OBJECT to pass-through-to-RF.

These objects are supposed to be DIRECT, only in range of the
echolink or IRLP itself, and are not spam from out of area.  Any
Igate that SPAMS 2 hops should not turn on these objects  sine
they will then be additional spam.  But for sure, if the Igate's
digi and the Echolink node share a common footprint, it is the
Igate operator's responsibility to have this in his list and
serve his area.


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