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[aprssig] Echolink Expert needed

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Mon Jul 20 18:47:31 UTC 2009

Kent Hufford wrote:
> "Echolink node is supposed to show up on APRS maps with their freq."  WHO is
> supposed to do this?
> Kent

 From the help system for the "RF Info" tab of the Echolink "Sysop 
Settings..." dialog:

===== PASTE QUOTE ======

"The RF Info tab is used to provide information about your link which 
may be helpful to nearby stations trying to locate it.  EchoLink 
includes an implementation of the Automatic Voice Reporting System 
(AVRS), which uses the APRS® network and protocols to disseminate 
real-time information about VoIP links such as EchoLink nodes.  This 
feature was developed in collaboration with Bob Bruninga, WB4APR.  The 
program also provides a mechanism for collecting and displaying this 
information on the Web, as an adjunct to APRS.

If you wish to disseminate basic information about your simplex link, or 
the repeater to which your repeater link is connected, you can enter it 
here.  By default, the information is transmitted to a central database 
on the Internet upon startup, and again each time a station connects or 
disconnects from your link.  This information will be displayable and 
searchable on the EchoLink Web site.

If a packet TNC is connected to your computer, and the APRS option is 
enabled, the same information will be sent periodically to local users 
using APRS.  Mobile stations equipped with APRS often have alphanumeric 
displays which will show the location and status of your node, if they 
in range of your APRS transmission or a nearby digipeater.  Future APRS 
software may include the ability to allow a mobile station to send a 
general query for local EchoLink activity."

===== END QUOTE ====

This interface shows signs of being a one-time-and-then-forgotten 
addition to Echolink.  

1)    The help article cites the old.old  .MIL  domain adddress of Bob's 
site for more APRS info - has never been updated.  

2)     The configuration screen for the "RF Info" tab of the "Sysop 
Settings..." dialog has the hardwired path choice of RELAY or WIDE or 
RELAY,WIDE or DIRECT only from a pulldown list box. Nothing else can be 
entered.   No acknowledgment of the new n-N pathing whatsovever.

3)     The largest deficiency is that this scheme requires the full use 
of a second serial port (the first one is used for keying the Echolink 
radio and sensing it's squelch/COR) on the PC, and a DEDICATED 
traditional command-mode TNC & radio to implement. 

Several years ago, I wrote a lengthy message to the Echolink author 
urging him to interface to the AGW Packet Engine rather than the direct 
hardware command interface of a classic TNC.   This would be a far 
better approach since it would allow you to share a single TNC/radio 
with multiple applications ( i.e. run UIview, APRSplus, WinAPRS, UI 
Traffic Analysis, APRS Emergency, UI Instant Messenger, etc.) 
simultanously with the Echolink status reporting  

I have never heard a thing back.   

Further, there has not been a new version or update to Echolink for 
about 2 years now.  I wonder if the program is even being developed any 

WA8LMF -- EchoLink Node:      WA8LMF  or node # 14400   

[Easy to remember -- think bottom of the 2M band]



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