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[aprssig] FW: Echolink objects to APRS

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Wed Jul 22 01:42:25 UTC 2009

Should EchoLink nodes be objects or items?  According to the 101 spec, 
Objects are for things that move and Items are for inanimate things, but 
mentions the word "occasionally".  Here's what one particular EchoLink 
node would look like in either format:

;MB7IRD-L *220128z5145.39N/00058.79WrPHG2130 Reading 145.2375 118.8

)MB7IRD-L!5145.39N/00058.79WrPHG2130 Reading 145.2375 118.8

This was from the following XML status block (note that the <location> 
doesn't exactly match the <freq> and <pl>):

<location>Reading 145.2375 118.8</location>
<status_comment>On  @0038</status_comment>
<last_update>07/22/2009 00:38</last_update>

On looking at this again, I suspect I should put the EchoLink node 
number in the comment as well.  Right now I'm just pulling the 
<location> value which doesn't help much for offline nodes.  They look 
like (note the lack of helpfulness in the <location>):

<status_comment>Off @2159</status_comment>
<last_update>07/21/2009 20:56</last_update>

Finally, should I restrict it to only Online nodes?  And should I build 
logic to Kill nodes that I notice transitioning from Online to Offline?  
Or should I differentiate the status with a symbol (the current symbol 
is /r for an Antenna)?  Or just let the object remain un-updated while 

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) wrote:
> I'll see what I can do later on today.  Thanks for researching this, 
> Bob!  Should I make the objects owned by my callsign (KJ4ERJ) or some 
> other approach?  I'll send direct e-mails once I start thinking about 
> the object comment and such.
> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ
> Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> Well, The echolink objects issue is further clarified below:
>> Looks like we need an APRS author to go get the EchoLink data
>> and then inject it into the APRS-IS.  This is a good approach
>> since it lets us control formatting at one central location.  Do
>> we have a volunteer?
>> I got this from the EchoLink folks.
>> Quote:
>>> The data collected from the RF Info tab is sent to the central 
>>> EchoLink servers and displayed in summary form on the Link Status 
>>> page (http://www.echolink.org/links.jsp). 
>>> It is also available in XML format at 
>>> http://www.echolink.org/node_location.xml .   About 50% of the 
>>> EchoLink "sysop" nodes worldwide have elected to provide this data.  
>>> It isn't being injected by EchoLink directly into APRS-IS... but 
>>> someone could certainly do so by pulling down the XML periodically.  
>> Anyway, so it looks like EchoLink author did his side of the
>> objective by getting position info, and providing an operator
>> selection for putting out the data, and all we need is to grab
>> it and insert it.  Then local Igates add their local EchoLink
>> object names to the pass-to-RF function and we have achieved the
>> objective...
>> That is, open-echolink nodes appearing on APRS for the mobile
>> operator with Frequencys so that the mobile operator can use
>> EchoLink easily from anywhere at anytime.
>> Volunteer?
>> Bob, WB4APR
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