[aprssig] Gating Objects from Internet to RF

Mark Cheavens mcheavens at usa.net
Wed Jul 22 10:58:45 CDT 2009

(As the owner of Echolink stations, Digipeaters, and I-Gates - 
MULTIPLE in two parts of the country)
Here are my concerns that I don't remember seeing anyone mention yet:

1. If the intent is to "reverse gate" these, who will decide or how 
can we limit the amount of traffic in a given area?
	Example: I reverse gate weather warnings from different weather 
offices. It is a simple one line addition to my I-NET>RF reverse gate file.
	I would NEVER want to reverse gate ALL of the Echolink nodes! 
Especially every 10 minutes!

2. As the reverse situation of above, I certainly don't know ALL of 
the EchoLink stations and status's in the (Houston) metro market.
	Example: I could not reverse gate a NEW station, unless I know it 
exists. This needs to be automated.

It is easy for me to create a SINGLE EL object on a single Digi, but 
NOT easy to deal with multiple ones. For that I create objects from 
an APRS client, but ONLY with permission from the EL operator, AND 
the repeater trustee (if different). This works well in "rural areas" 
like I support in the Four Corners area, but not worth a darn in metro areas.

I like the idea of status updates (on-line / off-line), but don't 
really care if they are busy or in a conference.

The "area" and "from" call might be able to be addressed somehow 
using grid square.....So that a reverse gated area could be easily 
controlled.....(Thinking as I type this...)

Mark Cheavens

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