[aprssig] Gating Objects from Internet to RF

Mark Cheavens mcheavens at usa.net
Wed Jul 22 11:09:08 CDT 2009

OFFLINE = The computer is not currently connected to an Echolink server.

There are also other items that are NOT reported: Monitor only 
stations, Access restrictions in place, Changed control codes, etc.

As examples:
My station in Houston only MONITORS my repeater (Unless you know the 
control code to do otherwise). Both of my Echolink nodes do NOT allow 
PC only connections. They must be connected to via a -L or -R 
connection. Both of my stations have MUCH different control codes so 
as not to interfere with, or get confused by control codes from/to 
the repeater controller.

I can RARELY use EL nodes while traveling until talking to the local 
trustee and finding the control codes for THAT node, or having them 
make the connection. The control codes are NOT listed/transmitted.

At 10:43 AM 7/22/2009, you wrote:
> > Also, if you look at "phase 2", you could kill objects that
> > go offline.
>Can someone define "offline" in the Echolink sense?
>Does that mean the last user just finished and it is now
>available for the next user?
>If it is offline (meaning OFF) then how is its state being
>reported to the Echolink server?
>Or does it mean the radio is off, but the PC is still running?
>Or does it mean anything the SYSOP wants it to mean when he
>checks that box?
>Bob, Wb4APR
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