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[aprssig] Gating Objects from Internet to RF

Michael Wolthuis wolthui3 at msu.edu
Wed Jul 22 14:39:36 UTC 2009

Pete makes an excellent point though that ECHOSVR would match what is in
place today with CQSRVR and WXSVR.  My .02 would be to stay with that

Then a simple webpage that Google finds with ECHOSVR on it and the contact
about any issues would handle the rest.

It would seem odd to me to see my KB8ZGL-R EL object come from someone
else's callsign.  That would bother me more than seeing it come from my own
callsign even though I didn't put it out there.  Thus the ECHOSVR is a great
solution from Pete's recommendation.

Anyways... GREAT project guys, I have my IRLP nodes all on APRS, but now I
can add the EchoLink only ones also!


On 7/22/09 10:23 AM, "Sergej" <rttyman at ukr.net> wrote:

> Hello, Pete & group
>> Note that since this is insertion into APRS-IS, the insertion
>> station can use any 1 or 2 character
>> SSID, and it does not have to be a callsign.  For instance, EMAIL, EMAIL-2,
>> etc. denote specialty servers.  You could use ECHOSVR or ELINK, for
>> instance (callsigns on APRS-IS are
>> limited to a total of 9 characters including SSID).  Do not use
>> E-LINK because LINK is not a valid
>> SSID and E is not a valid callsign (LINK is more than 2 characters, E is only
>> one character where at
>> least 3 are required).
> On my think its better to put normal ham callsign in Fromcall field of
> this packets, at least anybody can know who is sent it and in case of
> questions or corrections will be possible to find contact e-mail of
> originator...
> Just my five cents.
> Even K4HG agree in this case ;)
> "I would much prefer you use your own callsign as the originating
> station for the packets, rather than sending a packet that appears to
> come from another ham."
> 73, Sergej
> uz2hz
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