[aprssig] Gating Objects from Internet to RF (fina?l)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jul 22 15:48:43 CDT 2009


OK, how do we parse it down?
I assume already that ONLY -L and -R links and repeaters are

Can anyone seee any additional ways to separatre the wheat from
the chaff?


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> > Lynn,
> >
> > Great work!
> > I have only been trying to get this for the last half dozen
> > years or so.
> One more thing. This is more than 2000 lines of data with more
> 100 chars per line, and I heard a 10 minute cycle advocated by
> This is a huge amount to dump on the APRS Internet System. You
> dribble this in over the full 10 minute cycle, even that may
be too  
> fast. It will add more than 3 packets every second, but
dumping more  
> than a few lines at a time will really have an adverse affect
on the  
> entire system. Every full stream will grow by 1 GB a month, a
> server can expect to see its bandwith grow by nearly a 
> terabyte a month.
> I worry that this will be a huge load on every part of the
> findU will need 3 GB more for the raw data table alone to 
> hold 90 days  
> of this. I'm becoming less enthused the more I calculate the 
> effect of  
> this. I may need to add a filter to findU, especially if the
data is  
> not evenly spread out over the 10 minute cycle.
> People complained about the load of citizen weather, this is 
> more than  
> what CW handled before it split off. I think the whole APRS 
> community  
> needs to debate whether this is a good use of a limited
> Steve K4HG

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