[aprssig] Gating Objects from Internet to RF (fina?l)

Sergej rttyman at ukr.net
Wed Jul 22 15:54:26 CDT 2009

k4hg wrote:
> Maybe I missed something. Didn't everyone agree you should not be  
> sending data with other hams callsigns as the origin?

Gentelmens, its not bad in most cases if fromcall = ham call of echolink node.

But we must take into account that possible someone among of Echolink operators
will not be glad, that object of his Echolink will automatically posted to APRS,
even not important with a call-sign of operator or something other in place of

Better to include this option in Echolink software and give suggestion to Echolink
operator, i.e. suggest to do beacon information about his Echolink in APRS-IS from
same PC, where Echolink node installed...

At least if it will be automated and centralized should be possible of exclude -
by choice/ask of some Echolink operator if he don't wants that! Lynn
please note it.

73, Sergej

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