[aprssig] Danger Will Robinson!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jul 22 16:48:52 CDT 2009

> I personally don't think the purpose 
> of the APRS feed is the real-time 
> status of the node, other than On or Off....
> The EXISTENCE of the EchoLink node remains 
> the same and that would still be available 
> with the 1 hour update.

Yes, from the server, but No to RF.  It has to be every 10
minutes to be of any value to the mobile passing through an

But I agree that the full load is a show-stopper.  We have got
to find a more regional way to distribute this.  Note that this
is WORLDWIDE Echolink nodes.  Yet any one Igate only needs to
see ONLY what is within his local area.

Yes, there are ways to solve this by changing Igate code, and
changing Echolink, and channging the APRS-IS, but NONE OF THAT
IS GOING TO HAPPEN.  SO, we either find a way to do this with
what we have, or it aint gonng work.


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