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[aprssig] Danger Will Robinson!

Pete Loveall AE5PL Lists hamlists at ametx.com
Wed Jul 22 21:44:43 UTC 2009

I agree with Steve (surprise again) on all points.

Do NOT use the Echolink station's callsign as the source call!  If that ham is connected to an APRS-IS server using just their callsign, the object you are generating will be dropped by one or more servers.

Do NOT inject 2000+ packets (200,000+ bytes) into APRS-IS every 10 minutes as a single burst.  This is an untenable burst that the ad-hoc APRS-IS network will have difficulty supporting.  You are asking for trouble and will cause some hams to cease support for APRS-IS due to bandwidth usage.  To spread this out over time is more workable.  Currently, the average rate for a full feed on APRS-IS is about 28 packets per second, 2300 bytes per second.  Do the math.

You are going to need to determine a different way for transmission.  Using status change (maybe only transition to online which means it is free) and then beacon the node no more often than every 20 minutes only for online (not busy) links and repeaters.  Kill the objects upon offline?  Basically, phase 2 needs to occur as phase 1 to prevent data overload on APRS-IS.

Use a standard tactical callsign for the source station.  Do not "impersonate" the Echolink stations' callsigns.


Pete Loveall AE5PL
pete at ae5pl dot net

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Steve Dimse
> Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 4:18 PM
> Injection with other hams callsigns in the origin forces me to filter
> them. If that were corrected and the rate made 1 hour with the packets
> evenly distributed (one every other second), I'd try it without the
> filtering to see what happened. As for what gets filtered, I'm not
> going to implement a list of 2057 callsigns to check against, beside
> which I would then be filtering people who ARE legitimately on APRS.
> Yet another argument for putting the correct originating station in
> the packet!
> Steve K4HG

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