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[aprssig] Gating Objects from Internet to RF (fina?l)

Sergej rttyman at ukr.net
Wed Jul 22 21:57:21 UTC 2009

Hello, Robert.

> Yes, there might be better ways to start all over, but I don't
> want to spend another 5 years trying to change it.  The ball is
> now in our court.  Echolink is making the data available.  We
> have to decide how best to get that data to the mobile.

Right, at least ball in our hands now!

Now i am think we have no the authority without the consent
of operator automatically beacons data with use of his source.
Steve say that he even will "piss" in this case and cut
these from APRS-IS. Hi...

To me its anymore liked such idea:

Instead of contious beaconing all EL objects over thr world in
network, can be it will more effective to do the server of queries - "EHOSRV".

User will send to it APRS-message like ?ECHOLINK? (or even blank
message) and server will reply with messages and give short info
about Echolinks freq/tone/call in range for example of 30-40km
from the last position of that?

Is there most APRS-radios have possible of pre-programmed APRS
message to send from hot-key by few clicks?!

 73, Sergej

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