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[aprssig] Gating Objects from Internet to RF (fina?l)

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Wed Jul 22 22:50:41 UTC 2009

I understand there is a language issue (I certainly wouldn't even  
attempt to communicate in your language ;-), but just to be clear, I  
said I would be pissed if someone was transmitting packets on the  
internet using my call. That I would be pissed at that has nothing to  
do with why I'm filtering.

I'm filtering because:

1. The packets have no utility to my users. If someone has internet  
access, there are already web sites one can use to get this information.

2. The presence of these packets on findU means they will be indexed  
by Google and other search engines. It is common for people to Google  
themselves, and hams often Google their own call. findU ranks high in  
Google and other engines queries because it is often linked to.  
Therefore, it is common for hams to come to me complaining about  
someone bootlegging their call and demanding I do something about it.  
I've been involved in an FCC complaint about exactly this issue where  
the root cause was one of those PASSALL digis that was scrambling  
calls. A scrambled call happened to match a real ham's (who's not on  
APRS) call. He complained to me, and was not satisfied with my answer,  
so he filed an FCC complaint. After two long discussion with Riley  
Hollingsworth he came to undersant there was no issue, but it wasted a  
lot of my time. I do not want to place 2000 more callsigns like this  
on findU!

For these same reasons I filter DX Clusters.

On Jul 22, 2009, at 5:57 PM, Sergej wrote:

> Hello, Robert.
>> Yes, there might be better ways to start all over, but I don't
>> want to spend another 5 years trying to change it.  The ball is
>> now in our court.  Echolink is making the data available.  We
>> have to decide how best to get that data to the mobile.
> Right, at least ball in our hands now!
> Now i am think we have no the authority without the consent
> of operator automatically beacons data with use of his source.
> Steve say that he even will "piss" in this case and cut
> these from APRS-IS. Hi...
> To me its anymore liked such idea:
> Instead of contious beaconing all EL objects over thr world in
> network, can be it will more effective to do the server of queries -  
> User will send to it APRS-message like ?ECHOLINK? (or even blank
> message) and server will reply with messages and give short info
> about Echolinks freq/tone/call in range for example of 30-40km
> from the last position of that?
> Is there most APRS-radios have possible of pre-programmed APRS
> message to send from hot-key by few clicks?!
> 73, Sergej
> uz2hz
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