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[aprssig] Danger Will Robinson!

Tom Hayward esarfl at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 00:34:12 UTC 2009

I think you overlooked a number of points.

> Now, where did we dispatch those CWOP stations off to?  Can we consider
> sending this Echolink internet stuff over there too?  (Echolink does not
> require use of a radio.)

CWOP went to the CWOP network because it's a system independent from
amateur radio. Echolink is a part of amateur radio. The Echolink
objects proposed to be posted to APRS are all RF links. Yes, this is
radio. (And yes, not all of Echolink is radio)

> APRS is only 1200baud.
> Have you remembered to optimize your own station's transmission interval and
> digipeater path (and packet payload length) again today, for best courtesy
> to all the other hams hoping to share our single VHF frequency?

APRS is made up of 1200baud RF networks, 9600baud RF networks, and the
internet. I mostly use the 9600 baud RF myself. Don't forget about us!

> Got internet?  Check out http://www.echolink.org/logins.jsp

In my car? No, I don't have internet there. But I do have APRS.


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