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[aprssig] Throttleing EchoLink Objects

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Thu Jul 23 02:15:42 UTC 2009

Steve Dimse wrote:
> Why not just tell those IGate operators (or any other local RF user) 
> to transmit an RF beacon with the information? Same amount of work, 
> and since it allows any ham, not just the IGate operator, to do it the 
> chance for success is greater. Any increased load on the APRS IS is 
> incidental to increased load on RF, and even that could be minimized 
> by making the beacon RFONLY.
Actually, there is a difference here.  When an EchoLink node dies, the 
APRS-IS feed will automatically quit sending the objects and it won't 
matter that the IGate operator is configured to get them to RF, they'll 
just quit.  If the IGate operator directly configured the beacon, it'd 
keep cluttering up the RF channel regardless of the actual availability 
of the node it is advertising.

To address that manual configuration issue, I"m trying to figure out if 
it'd be possible to build a javAPRSsrvr adjunct to make the gating from 
IS to RF automatic based on the position of the IGate and the 
position/range of the EchoLink object.  Then we only need the IGate 
operator to add the adjunct once and all current and future EchoLink 
nodes would be gated and any obsolete nodes would just stop.

But it still needs the APRS-IS to deliver the data to be gated.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

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