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[aprssig] Throttleing EchoLink Objects

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Thu Jul 23 02:22:56 UTC 2009

Michael J. Wolthuis wrote:
> I liked the idea of being able to know if the node was free, in-use, 
> offline, etc....
Even though this status might not be realtime, it would be worth seeing, 
I agree.
> I do agree this probably should be handled at the local IGATE level.  
> However, without the data from the XML parse I can only put out a 
> non-informative object for my nodes.  I really like the IRLP script 
> that puts out the status, although that has had formatting issues with 
> the d710 also that are being worked on.
If I understand the IRLP script, it is injecting packets into APRS-IS, 
right?  What's the difference if we have every individual node doing it 
or doing it from a central server, the data still ends up on -IS.
> There is no way I can see a 10% increase on the APRS-IS as worth it 
> for those of us grabbing the full feed still, but if there was a 
> single separate server with the data and each IGATE operator (if so 
> desired) can connect to there also and grab the live data for his 
> local area with a simple filter and put it out with a local path it 
> makes some sense.
I'm trying to wrap my head around this.  I certainly can't see each 
IGate doing the XML parse.  The EchoLink server folks probably wouldn't 
appreciate that load either.  (The xml seems to be generated 
on-the-fly).  But some alternate feed with a javAPRSsrvr adjunct to 
inject the local objects directly onto RF.  Possibilities?
> Additionally, if that single server was able to be queried (ie. CQSRV) 
> and that returned to the APRS-IS and any IGATE the local object one 
> time only I think you have the best of all worlds.
I'm thinking about this one also.  One central server that sees the 
query and injects just the objects local to that user.  Still no way to 
get it gated, unless the D710 (and other suitable clients) supports the 
Object in Message format (I'm still searching for the reference on this 
one), then the queried server can package the response as a message 
which turns magically into an object when received.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

PS.  The parsing is done, the formatting is done, it's the delivery 
standing in the way.

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