[aprssig] Thinking Out Loud About... Digipeaters

Tim N9PUZ tim.n9puz at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 10:45:26 CDT 2009

Our local group here supports a couple of large public service events 
each year where under normal conditions APRS coverage is poor to 
non-existent in some areas. We have used it with good success to do 
vehicle tracking but we would like to start equipping rest stops and 
check points with full stations so we can do tactical messaging.

To date we have added temporary digipeaters in the area and ended up 
with good coverage. We set them up more like a normal digi and did not 
use the WIDE1-1 as if they would be fill-ins. We are in rural Illinois 
so there was not a big metro area being trashed.

The temporary digipeaters typically only have antenna heights of 15-30 
ft or are in a vehicle left parked on top of a bluff or other high 
point for the day. The tougher of the two events used 3 of these digis 
this year and there were still areas that were not covered. Adding 
more are possible, we just aren't sure of the best way to configure 
things. These same areas were problematic for voice comms as 
well--repeater coverage isn't good.

So,... the question becomes would a good configuration be for setting 
up temporary digipeaters with low antennas? I imagine with the antenna 
height constraints the temporary would not be any different than if we 
wanted permanent coverage in this same situation.


Tim, N9PUZ

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