[aprssig] Thinking Out Loud About... Digipeaters

Tim N9PUZ tim.n9puz at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 14:07:02 CDT 2009

Robert Bruninga wrote:
> Plese consider using the TEMPn-N network for temporary systems.
> The value is that every D700 in the country can be
> pre-configured to support TEMPn-N digipeating and be left in
> this configuration ALWAYS.  Thus, a TEMPn-N network can be built
> as fast as the D700's arrive on site.  always available without
> causing any problems to the exsisting network the other 99.9% of
> the time. 
> See www.aprs.org/TEMPn-N.html
> Spread the word.  EVERY D700 should set this in his radio when
> he gets around to it...
> Bob, WB4APR

We do not have more than a couple of people in our area who use the 
D700/D710 radios. We do have TNC-X/X-DIGI hardware that is typically 
only used when supporting special events. It seems like with the 
proper configurations discussed here in this thread we could achieve 
the same advantages for both our event and the normal APRS 
infrastructure that may be in the area.

Tim, N9PUZ

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