[aprssig] Separate APRS frequency for object query

rfinesmith at aol.com rfinesmith at aol.com
Thu Jul 23 14:32:28 CDT 2009

All of this talk about objects and echolink has me wondering if there is any reason why there can't be a separate APRS frequency for object queries - such as traffic impediments, weather, etc.? For instance, I would find it interesting to write a program to construct weather and traffic related objects from data available on various regional web sites (such as WTOP in the WDC area), and then be able to query for that data using an APRS software?(using a Windows Mobile PDA, or course (hi hi)) while running mobile.? I wouldn't want to clutter up 144.390.? Aside?from any copyright issues against?re-transmitting this information, would this go against any FCC regulations?? Would it go against the tenet of APRS?? 

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