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[aprssig] Thinking Out Loud About... Digipeaters

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jul 23 19:24:25 UTC 2009

>> Plese consider using the TEMPn-N network for 
>> temporary systems.  The value is that every 
>> D700 in the country can be pre-configured to 
>> support TEMPn-N digipeating and be left in
>> this configuration ALWAYS.  Thus, a TEMPn-N 
>> network can be built as fast as the D700's 
>> arrive on site.  always available without
>> causing any problems to the exsisting network 
>> the other 99.9% of the time. 
>> See www.aprs.org/TEMPn-N.html
>> Spread the word.  EVERY D700 should set this 
>> in his radio when he gets around to it...
** and leave it that way...
> We do not have more than a couple of people 
> [with] D700/D710 radios.  We do have 
> TNC-X/X-DIGI hardware that is typically 
> only used when supporting special events. It 
> seems like with the proper configurations...
> we could achieve the same advantages for both 
> our event and the normal APRS infrastructure 
> that may be in the area.

Yes.  It makes a nice pre-planned temporary system, into which
any mobile with an APRS digipeater radio can participate without
having to reconfigure....

Unless of course, you don't want every mobile to be a digi
(which can be the case in large conflaguratinos of mobiles all
in one area....  Then use something else.


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