[aprssig] NE Illinois Balloon Tracks

Tom Hayward esarfl at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 18:08:31 CDT 2009

> it lasts a few hours,  get a life.

144.390MHz is quite possibly the busiest 2-meter frequency in that
area (I know it is near my QTH). If someone jammed a popular repeater
for a few hours do you think anyone would complain? Sheesh.

> What is the group to do when the tiny 200 milliwatt transmitter is now on
> the ground?  Think many if any digis will hear it to be able to be gated to
> the net?
> They need the somewhat long paths to be able to gram ANY station they can so
> they can be heard once it's landed.

They apparently are not aware of many trackers' ability to switch
profiles (including path) based on altitude.


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