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[aprssig] Immediate Local Object Solution!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jul 23 21:56:28 UTC 2009


OK, Here is an easy way to get this info (EchoLink objects) out.

Each KPC-3+ and many other TNC DIGI's have 3 or 4 LOCATION TEXTS
plus one BEACON Text.  Under the New-N Paradigm, we used up all
of the LOCATION texts for the digi's proportional pathing
beacon, and reserved the Btext for the LOCAL-FREQ-OBJECT.

Now that everyone has more or less bought into the New-N
paradigm, we can relax the Proportional Pathing and free up more
of those Ltexts for such use as the local Echolink Objects.  SO
how about this.

1) We significanly reduce proportional pathing from all digis.
2) The digi will beacon every 10 minutes DIRECT and a single 2
hops every hour.
3) This frees up 2 Ltexts for EchoLink or other important
4) The Btext is still used for the local voice freq object

This way, it is a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN situation:
1) We get the local data locally DIRECT
2) The DIGI only injects local-info on a clear channel
3) This data will not collide with any other packets
4) This info will not SPAM areas where the objects have no value
5) It forces us to identify the BEST objects and not SPAM all
ego repeaters
6) It avoids asking for any changes to the APRS-IS

The only problems are:
A) Absentee digipeater sysops
B) It took years just to get them to change to New-N settings
C) The Echolink node status is not live
D) We loose the 30 minute 1 hop digi beacon

I ask that ONLY ECHOLINK repeaters and links that are OPEN and
use the standard Echolink signaling convention without any
access codes be so beaconed.  This fullfils the original
objective.  For the mobile, any where, any time, if he sees an
Echolink node on his radio, he can call home, or do a voice link
to anyone anywhere else on the planet.  

The standard is to simply announce your intentions, dial the
node you want to link to, and talk.  When done, # down.

Can we all move out on this?

And while we are at it, GET THOSE LOCAL FREQ OBJECTS in there

AND get rid of those home station SPAM objects that are
transmitted over thousands of square miles.

Unless there are objections, Ill start modifying the New-N pages

Bob, Wb4APR

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