[aprssig] NE Illinois Balloon Tracks

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Jul 25 00:28:56 CDT 2009

And continuing... this also from the guy that wants to put limits and filters on digipeaters:

> Well, actually, I consider the entire 
> 'messaging' part of APRS to be totally 
> broken and an inappropriate waste of 
> bandwidth.  I won't digi message packets, 
> even if they originate locally.

And he is the one that wants to control YOUR digipeater...

> APRS is a broadcast telemetry protocol.  
> Any attempt to graft a point-to-point 
> message onto a broadcast protocol is 
> like carrying on a private conversation 
> with bullhorns.  I won't do it.

Thank heavens we dont let him control digi's in our area by placing his definition of what your APRS packets should do...

First, he needs to go read up on what APRS is all about.  He is obviously one of the great missinformed who thinks of APRS as only a one-way tracker system for shack-potatos. 
Conversly, APRS is a local communication channel for sharing information between local operators (yes, real people actually out there doing something with Ham radio).  It also is not a Broadcast system either.  It is supposed to facilitate ham radio communications on a single common shared channel so that everyone is involved or informed of everything going on in a local area.  Participants in the APRS network are participants in a two way communicatiosn system sharing info as broad in scope as the hobby itself.

APRS messaging is a powrful tool when used as it was designed.... Operator to Operator on a local basis or global as needed via a local IGate.

Those who think it is broken apparently don't understand how it works and are using it inappropriately.  And/or are using client software that was also written with the tracker-only mentality and did not implement most of the underlying messaging and acking logic to improve thoughput and message reliability.

Your mileage may vary..
Bob, Wb4APR

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