[aprssig] Connecting VB.net application to an APRS server

Andrew Rich (Home) vk4tec at tech-software.net
Sun Jul 26 16:16:23 CDT 2009

Your other option is to cheat and get UI-voew to connect for you and then 
you use the feed from UI-VIEW

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> Andrew Rich (Home) wrote:
>> Use PERL - its much better
> <holy war>
> Not for what he appears to be doing (Coding in Windows for some kind of 
> GUI)
> Although I would say drop VB and go with C#. A bit steeper learning
> curve, but you'll likely eventually just go ahead and do it anyway when
> VB doesn't do what you want it to (Been there, done that.)
> </holy war>
> (C# d00d since 2004, Perl Monger since 1999)
> I also have a rudimentary APRS client written in C#. A bit ugly though.
> ~Ben
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