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[aprssig] Mobile Operations

rfinesmith at aol.com rfinesmith at aol.com
Sat Jul 25 16:41:50 UTC 2009

I would like to follow-up on Bob's email regarding mobile operations.? For those with?a Windows Mobile PDA, there are at least two software options that both transmit and receive APRS signals,?(one of which)display?all APRS icons (including objects),?receive and send messages, and work with the Kenwood D7 series transceivers.? The maps used by these software may not be as nice as the AV GPS, and must be loaded by the user into the software application.? But these maps and software are free, unlike AVMAP GPS which costs several hundred dollars.??At least one of these software?applications?is currently supported and features are being added.? I would be happy to go into more detail with any interested party.

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