[aprssig] Connecting VB.net application to an APRS server

Dave Baxter dave at uk-ar.co.uk
Tue Jul 28 07:03:27 CDT 2009

Or use Delphi (Pascal based) and either ICS or Indy networking packages.

I wouldnt use VB in any form for anything serious these days, though I
*Have* to use VBA behind Excel, and as for C and varients, way too easy
to create code that works well, but is totaly indecipherable, even by
it's creator after about 5 days when you want to change something!
(even with comments...)

Use whatever you are comfortable and proficient with, ignore any
*opinions* such as mine!   If you have never done any networking
programming before, take care.  It's easy to do in some ways.  It's
dificult to do "just right" in others.  It's too easy to create mayhem
too!  Take care with timing etc.  If something doesnt respond, don't
just sit there hammering it, like some app's do..


Dave G0WBX.   Tin hat, fire extinguisher and shovel to dig hole with, at
the ready!  ;-)

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> Andrew Rich (Home) wrote:
> > Use PERL - its much better
> <holy war>
> Not for what he appears to be doing (Coding in Windows for 
> some kind of GUI)
> Although I would say drop VB and go with C#. A bit steeper 
> learning curve, but you'll likely eventually just go ahead 
> and do it anyway when VB doesn't do what you want it to (Been 
> there, done that.) </holy war>
> (C# d00d since 2004, Perl Monger since 1999)
> I also have a rudimentary APRS client written in C#. A bit 
> ugly though.
> 			~Ben
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