[aprssig] Is WXSVR Permanently Defunct???

Ben Jackson bbj at innismir.net
Tue Jul 28 22:13:26 CDT 2009

Tyler Allison wrote:

> Amen from me too.  As someone who has provided several "community"
> software packages, many of whom directly help hams in severe weather...it
> pisses me off when someone "assumes" they have the right to something I
> spent my time on.  Makes me want to go over to their house, knock on the
> door and say "excuse me. But I noticed you haven't been on the air in 3
> months. I'm here for your radio. What? You object to me taking your radio?
> I thought you were into public service. You're obviously not doing
> anything with that radio so I'm here to put it back into service."

<asbestos undies>

And assuming that the person could snap his fingers and make an
identical copy of his radio so that he can have one and you can have one
the same way people can make copies of their codebases that's a valid

It's up to the author what he wants to do with his or her code, but if
he or she is no longer going to maintain or offer services, keeping
their code locked up is like a kid taking their toy, not playing with
it, and saying "NO! It's MINE!" if another kid asks to play with it. It
accomplishes nothing.

</asbestos undies>

I'm with Jeff, this is just another reason to support "open" software.
This is the specific reason on why I release code openly. If someone
finds it useful, that's awesome, if they want to whack on it, no one
should do telling them that they can't.

Flame on, folks! :)

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