[aprssig] SURREALISM IN EVERYDAY LIFE: Blind Faith In GPS Causing Problems

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Wed Jul 29 02:57:20 CDT 2009

Blind faith in GPS-prompted driving instructions seems to be causing 
numerous problems in the U.K.

 From BBC News UK Website:

Sat nav misdirects football fans 

*Out-of-date satellite navigation systems are directing fans and players 
to Swansea's old football ground, the club has said.

*Caravanners in fix blame sat-nav 

*Satellite navigation systems are being blamed for caravanners  [RV'ers 
in the colonies] getting stuck in a narrow lane in a Gwynedd village.

*Sat-nav blamed for village jams 

*Satellite navigation systems are being blamed for directing thousands 
of cars through a quiet Somerset village.

*Sat nav driver's car hit by train 

*A 20-year-old student's car was wrecked by a train after she followed 
her sat nav system onto a railway track. *"I put my complete trust in 
the sat nav and it led me right into the path of a speeding train," she 

Sat nav error puts an end to trip 

*A group of children had to abandon a school trip before even arriving - 
after a driver followed his satellite navigation to the wrong destination.

*Sat-nav dead end at crematorium 

*Giant lorries heading towards a town's main industrial plants are being 
directed by satellite navigation to the local crematorium instead.

*Sat nav leaves cheese truck stuck 

*A driver whose cheese lorry was stuck down a narrow farm track in a 
village has blamed his satellite navigation system for giving him wrong 



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